Non-State Educational Institution "MARSTAR"

Ship handling and maneuvering simulator

The purpose of the course is to train navigators in the certified training centers under the program: Maneuvering and shiphandling for imparting of skills on maneuvering and shiphandling in any navigation conditions. 

Training is provided using the shiphandling simulators in accordance with the requirements of STCW Code 1978/1995, article A-I/12 with opportunity of circular visualization both in daylight, and at night simulating real effects of external factors (wind, current, hydrodynamic forces).

The training program meets the requirements of the A-II/2 article of STCW Code 1978/1995 for training of experts on navigation at the level of vessel control (masters and chief mates) on the following training program sections: "Maneuvering and shiphandling in any conditions", "Providing safe navigation, using Radar and ARPA, and modern navigation systems, providing process of decision-making". The course is based on the IMO Model Courses 7.01 and 7.03.

The program provides opportunity of flexible variation vessel types, their equipment, areas of navigation depending on concrete prospective conditions of navigation and needs of the course participants.

The program is developed for five-day training and provides special training with the use of ship bridge simulator with real controls of a vessel and simulating real conditions of navigation, lecture and practical lessons. After implementation of each exercise, analysis of participants activity, analysis of the undertaken maneuvers efficiency, if necessary, the exercise can be repeated starting from any time in order to train shiphandling skills in specific conditions of navigation.

Duration: 1 week


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